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I went to the Metropolitan Museum in New York recently. These tall wooden figures are Ambrym Slit gongs from northern Vanuatu. They are carved from the trunks of large breadfruit trees, and hollowed out to create a resonating chamber, which when struck, creates a deep, sonorous tone. They were created to communicate between villages, their sound being able to carry miles through forest and sometimes over water to neighbouring islands. A series of ‘languages’ created through beats and pauses allowed highly specific messages to be communicated. I think they are pretty incredible. As are the masks next to them. 

Waking up in New York

Waking up in New York

Alastair Dougall

—I know we'll never

This is a version of a song I wrote, ‘I Know We’ll Never’, recorded by my dad, Alastair Dougall. He writes his own songs too, which are very beautiful. http://www.myspace.com/alastairdougallmusic

These are some pictures from some of the walks I have been on lately. Walking is really important. Off for one now….

I have had this in my head a lot lately, even though i’ve known this song for a number of years. I recently bought ‘Karen Dalton 1966’, which is a collection of recently unearthed recordings she made whilst rehearsing for a rare live performance. There is a version of this song on there which is really special. I have been toying with the idea of doing a cover of it, but i just found out that Fleet Foxes do it at their gigs, so… fuck that then. 


I’m a little bit obsessed with this at the moment, even though i’ve only heard this from what I think/hope might be a really excellent new band, Savages. 

I came across this whilst watching Bert Stern’s “Jazz on a Summer’s Day”, a beautiful documentary about the 1958 Newport Jazz Festival. I find this music really arresting.